Grassington House New Restaurant Renovations

The new restaurant at Grassington House is nearly complete. Visitors to the hotel and new restaurant will notice a complete change in ambience, with warming colours and fresh designs creating a refreshed space. Owner Sue Rudden is the creative drive behind the revamp, and gives an insight into the project.

Q. What's the inspiration behind the new dining room?

I have always been attracted to interior design, and I love researching new fabrics and furnishings. I’m always looking at how colours, shapes and patterns create a mood. It’s invigorating to work on a project like this – an opportunity to be brave. I really do believe that we have some of the best interior designers in the area right here in Yorkshire.

Q. What's your approach to change?

For me, change is always good. I am very conscious of not becoming complacent, and there are always small things we can do to improve our offering. I spend hours researching new ideas and innovations to keep Grassington House as individual as it is.  I strive to make Grassington House a leader for others to follow, not the other way round, so that we can continue to win awards.

Q. What are your sources?

We have worked with local interior designers Swankies of Colne for many years. The owner, Joanne, has a degree in design, and together we work on new and bespoke concepts for the house. Joanne and I have worked together since the beginning, and we have a similar vision.

Q. What mood are you creating?

Impressive lighting designs for me create a ‘wow’ factor, with the ability to change the mood to suit different purposes. The space works for a light lunch with friends, an intimate dinner, or a momentous occasion such as a wedding. We’ve used focused on traditional colours, and brought out heritage features, such as the fireplace, but mixed this with a modern light installation, a stunning chandelier, accent colours and a dramatic feature wall. We’re getting some great feedback.

Q. Are you pleased so far?

We’re really pleased so far, the mood has already shifted dramatically and the colours and fabrics really seem to resonate with the house. The space feels lighter, brighter and re-energised. It has been a slow process, as we have been trying to do this subtly, and at times when it doesn’t interfere with the guests, but we are elated and can’t wait for it to be finished in November.