Five minutes with Grassington House newly promoted Head Chef Andrew Collop

1. When did you first discover you could cook?

Probably around the age of 15, I worked as a kitchen porter when I was 14 and ended up getting involved in the preparation and other bits. I just loved the fast pace and banter of kitchen life. I started cooking the odd few things at home - some successful and some not - but enjoyed it whatever the outcome was.

2. What dishes do you remember from your childhood?

It's got to be my Nan’s Sunday roast, followed by her bread and butter pudding. I used to have it every Sunday without fail as a family, looking back now I couldn't imagine eating beef that well done but it always brings back fond memories. 

3. Who do you most like to cook for?

My wife. I don't get to do it as much as I would like, but it's always nice to cook for her and to have the chance to sit down and relax after a busy week at work. 

4. What’s your favourite dish to create?

This is probably the most common question a chef gets asked and I never have an answer. I enjoy creating all dishes really. It's always nice using products or styles that I might not be used to, as it's more challenging. 

5. If you could pick three guests to a dinner party, past present or future, who would they be and why?

Ferran Adria - Growing up as a young chef he was someone I was amazed by, doing things with food that was always cutting edge and never been heard of, I would love to be able to peck his head about all things food related

Karl Pilkington from ‘An Idiot Abroad’ - the guy is unbelievably funny without knowing it, and as straight talking as they come. There wouldn't be a dull moment with him at the table.

Mohamed Ali - I'm a big boxing fan and he was one of the biggest boxers and sportsmen of all time, so to have five minutes with him would be amazing never mind a dinner party.

6. Where are you from and what does Yorkshire mean to you?

I'm originally from Skipton, but even when I worked around Europe, it was always nice coming home for a couple of weeks a year and being back in the countryside. Yorkshire to me is home and I wouldn't change that for the world, it's a beautiful place to live and work. 

7. What gets you out of bed everyday?

The passion and drive to get to the next level gets me out of bed, and the fact that everyday is different in the kitchen. You’re always learning and being challenged and I like that.