Rudden’s Ruin

“We’ve always been great lovers of gin.” Says Sue Rudden, owner of Grassington House, “It makes us think of Christmas time, of friends and family. Creating our own gin is one of our proudest moments, as it’s an opportunity to really put our personality into something, and it feels like the right time to do this as we reach our tenth happy birthday here at Grassington House.”

A first tasting batch of Rudden’s Ruin is ready to taste at Grassington House. Described as a ‘bold dry gin, heady with juniper leading to a savoury liquorice and spice finish’ the gin is produced in the smallest copper distillery in the north of England.

When asked what this means to the flavour and tasting experience, John Rudden says; “Working together with the distillers has been fascinating and really creative. The grain to glass process is a unique part of what they do. Once a malt mash has been created, the gin is double distilled to purify the spirit, retaining the malt taste in the pallet, before being put through a third distilling in a 25ltr copper still with botanicals.

“And the flavour suits our family well - bold, dry (our sense of humour), the savoury liquorice could be me, and the spice finish with ‘heady’ juniper is definitely Sue!”

This is a ‘proper brew’ as opposed to a flavoured gin, and the bottle has an average alcohol content of 40%.

The gin is now available to drink at Grassington House with bottles for sale from January 2018. The bottle’s label has been designed by Sue and John’s daughter, Jessica, who drew a picture of the house she has grown up in, when she was 12.

The serving recommendation is with Ginger Ale and perhaps a festive slice of blood orange or red grapefruit.